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Everything You Need To Know About Visiting Grand Canyon National Park

The most famous National Park in Arizona is the Grand Canyon. This incredible park has unmatched views and breathtaking overlooks that can’t be found anywhere else in the world.

From the top of the canyon you can look across 1.2 million acres and peer 6,000 feet down to the Colorado River below.

The Visitors Guide To Grand Canyon

Cape Royal Overlook and Angel's Window on the grand canyon north rim

The North Rim

Explore the more secluded side of Grand Canyon National Park. The North Rim has the best overlooks and quiet hiking trails.

switchbacks on the grand canyon bright angel trail

Bright Angel Trail

The most popular hike to get from the rim to the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

phantom ranch campground and lodging at the bottom of the grand canyon


Permitting, reservations, and campsite information for camping at the bottom of the Grand Canyon and on the North and South Rims.

touring upper and lower antelope canyon

Nearby Attractions

Don’t miss these popular attractions just minutes away from the Grand Canyon: