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Adventure Van Exterior

We didn’t do a whole lot to the outside of this adventure van. It is a mid 90’s Dodge and came painted in bedliner with the fiberglass top installed, which happened to come off of a Ford. The ladder on the side is totally unnecessary but helps the vehicle look more camper and less creeper, although that’s a losing battle.

Dodge cargo van with conversion top

Beauty shot of the closed up van.

Vented window back view Dodge van

LED bar was on the front when we bought the van and looked cooler up there, but it also added to the already prevalent wind noise so we relocated it to the back. It now serves as a useful camp light for unloading supplies. Slight overkill, although we can switch it on from the bed to surprise anyone walking around back there.

Adventure van camp setup

The canopy takes 2 minutes to roll out and stand up. Twice that if you’re using guy-lines, but it’s absurdly easy to get some shade. These Sunseekers are pricey for a budget van but now I understand why.

Awning mosquitoe net

One last shot of Vannity peacocking in the fall leaves.

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