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13 Best Waterfall Hikes In Glacier National Park

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Hiking to a waterfall is the perfect way to experience the beauty and power of nature. If you’re looking for some of the best waterfall hikes in Glacier National Park, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve put together a list of 14 trails that will take you to some amazing waterfalls. So grab your hiking boots and get ready for some serious outdoor exploration!

map of waterfalls and their locations in glacier national park montana

St Mary Valley

The St Mary Valley is the best place to begin your waterfall hikes in Glacier National Park. St Mary Valley is located on the east side of the park, right next to Going-to-the-Sun Road so it’s easy to access.

The trails are short and easy, so it’s the perfect place to go on a family-friendly adventure. If you have just one day to visit the waterfalls at Glacier, then St Mary Valley is the best place to go.

hiking to baring falls in glacier national park
Baring Falls

Baring Falls

The Baring Falls trail is only 1.9 miles roundtrip and mostly flat which makes it the perfect destination for families with small children.

The easy hike only takes about 45 minutes to complete so you can easily tack it on to the end of your schedule. Start at the Sunrift Gorge Trailhead and begin walking along the Siyeh Pass Trail. Then take a right towards Sun Point. From there you’ll pass over Baring Creek and arrive at the falls.

Baring Falls is a gorgeous, 25-foot waterfall which flows directly into St Mary Lake.

hiking to st mary falls in glacier national park montana
St Mary Falls

St Mary Falls

The hike to St Mary Falls is 1.7 miles long and rated easy. It begins at the St. Mary Falls Shuttle Stop. You’ll start by following the St. Mary Falls Cutoff Trail.

Along the way, spectacular views of Dusty Star Mountain, Reynolds Mountain, and the Heavy Runner Mountains will surround you on all sides.

One of the highlights of the trail is hiking alongside the St Mary River. The trail concludes at a footbridge that crosses over the river and gives you a picture-perfect view of the falls.

St Mary Falls cascades 35 feet down over 3 separate tiers of rock. The footbridge is the perfect place to grab a photo and relax along the riverbank.

If you have the energy to continue hiking, Virginia Falls is only 0.9 miles further and it’s one of the most impressive waterfalls in the park.

hiker standing next to virginia falls in glacier national park montana
Virginia Falls

Virginia Falls

One of the most gorgeous waterfalls in all of Glacier National Park, and maybe even the entire country, is Virginia Falls. The impressive waterfall drops 50 feet straight downward. And the base is easily accessible so you can get right up close to the water.

The best part about hiking to Virginia Falls is that you get to see three other impressive waterfalls along the way including St Mary Falls.

Begin at the St. Mary Falls Shuttle Stop and hike to the footbridge over St Mary Falls. From there, you’ll hike alongside Virginia Creek, passing two other unnamed waterfalls.

The trail has a slight rise, gaining 525 feet of elevation throughout the entire hike. Nevertheless, it’s rated easy and you can complete the whole thing in about 90 minutes.

Logan Pass

Travelers who want to park their cars near “The Loop” on Logan Pass can enjoy two fantastic waterfall hikes that are generally secluded and scenic.

florence falls near logan pass in glacier national park
Florence Falls

Florence Falls

The most impressive waterfall in Logan Pass is Florence Falls. The trail is 9.2 miles roundtrip and has 975 feet of elevation gain so you should plan to spend about 4-5 hours hiking.

This is one of the best woodland hikes in the area with lots of fun little footbridges to cross and berry bushes to snack from. You’ll also pass by Deadwood Falls along the way!

The hike begins at the Gunsight Pass Trailhead on Going-to-the-sun road. The first two miles are downhill with amazing mountain views.

Bring some long pants and don’t forget the bug spray because there is some bushwhacking along the Gunsight Pass Trail. And keep your eyes open because grizzly bears and moose are frequently seen in the area!

Florence Falls is the perfect hike if you want a more remote and secluded waterfall hike. Most families and tourist flock to Virginia Falls and St Mary Falls since the hikes are much shorter and easier. That leaves Florence Falls empty for the most adventurous travelers!

Deadwood Falls

Deadwood Falls is a great 2.3 mile roundtrip hike that you can visit on the way to Florence Falls. Start at the Gunsight Pass Trailhead on Going-to-the-Sun road.

The route is also an excellent alternative route to get to St Mary Falls if the parking lot is full. To get there, follow the Piegan Pass Trail downhill for 1.2 miles before arriving at the falls. If you wish to continue to St Mary Falls, continue along Reynold’s Creek; it’s only a short distance away.

The path can get overgrown during summer months, and it’s much less crowded than other hikes in the area so you’re likely to see wildlife. Don’t forget to save up some energy during the hike because the entire path back is uphill!

The Two Medicine Area

The Two Medicine Area in Glacier National Park has numerous waterfalls that are closely clustered for a memorable trip.

fishing next to running eagle falls glacier national park
Running Eagle Falls

Running Eagle Falls

Running Eagle Waterfall is one of the most popular hikes in the area. The path to the waterfall is wide, well-maintained and handicap accessible. Plus the round-trip hike is only 0.6 miles long so it’s easy for the whole family.

On average, the hike only takes about 13 minutes to complete.

The gorgeous waterfall is known as “Trick Falls” because although it looks like one waterfall, there are actually two waterfalls that cascade into Two Medicine Lake.

Visitors can get right up next to the falls and even go fishing at it’s base.

rockwell waterfall in glacier national park
Rockwell Falls

Rockwell Falls

A longer hike from the South Shore of Two Medicine Lake is the hike to Rockwell Falls in Glacier National Park. This stunning waterfall takes about 2.5 hours to get to, and it’s considered a moderate hike.

To get there, you’ll have to cross a swinging suspension bridge as well as several footbridges. The entire hike is forested so you won’t get those spectacular mountain views. However, the waterfall itself is decorated with colorful rocks at its base and crystal clear water.

hiking to aster falls in glacier national park montana
Aster Falls

Aster Falls

The trail to Aster Falls is 2.8 miles long and begins at the South Shore Trailhead in Two Medicine Lake. This is an easy hike with several mountains within view including Lone Walker Mountain and Mt Helen.

Aster Falls is a 3-tiered waterfall that cascades 20 feet down. Hikers who wish to go further can continue to the Aster Park Overlook and Rockwell Falls.

Appistoki Falls

One of the shortest waterfall hikes in the Two Medicine Area of Glacier National Park is the route to Appistoki Falls. The path is only 1.3 miles roundtrip and begins at the Scenic Point Trailhead.

Hiking to the falls is flat and easy. It only takes about 30 minutes to complete but most visitors report seeing mountain goats and bighorn sheep along the way.

twin falls waterfall in glacier national park montana
Twin Falls

Twin Falls

Another short and simple hike in Glacier National Park is Twin Falls. You can hit this trail right from the Boat Dock on the west side of Two Medicine Lake.

The “twin” waterfalls are separated by about 50 feet of rock at the top before converging together near the bottom. The route is flat and easy which makes it enjoyable for every type of traveler.

From Twin Falls, you can continue your hike to Upper Medicine Lake for even more picturesque scenery.

Many Glacier

The Many Glacier Area is another hot spot for touring waterfalls and getting your feet wet! The waterfall hikes in the area are rated easy to moderate, and can be easily accessed near the Swiftcurrent Motor Inn.

redrock falls in glacier national park montana
Redrock Falls

Redrock Falls

One of the easiest, but most scenic waterfall hikes in Many Glacier is Redrock Falls. It only takes 90 minutes to complete and begins at the Swiftcurrent Pass Trailhead.

This is a popular hike, so be prepared to weave in and out of plenty of tourists!

Along the way you’ll get to walk right alongside Fishercap Lake and Redrock Lake before commencing at the falls. Keep your eyes peeled, because it’s common to see moose in the area!

The hike as very little elevation gain and the trail is generally well-maintained so it’s an easy hike to do with kids. Or to shake your legs out after a long day.

Ptarmigan Falls

If you want to encounter a waterfall, and get a glimpse of some grizzly bears, then look no further than Ptarmigan Falls! This area of the park is known for bears which frequent the area. So keep some bear spray on you and remember to make lots of noise!

Starting from the Swiftcurrent Motor Inn, the hike to Ptarmigan Falls is rated moderate. It’s a popular stop on the way to Iceberg Lake, or the Ptarmigan Tunnel.

Along the way, hikers will pass by picturesque views of Swiftcurrent Mountain and Mt Wilbur.

apikuni waterfall in glacier national park montana
Apikuni Falls

Apikuni Falls

The hike to Apikuni Falls is short but steep. It’s only 1.8 miles roundtrip, but there are beautiful views of the mountains and valley along the way. Tourists often spot grizzly bears during the hike so keep your eyes peeled!

Lake McDonald Area

While there aren’t many waterfalls in the Lake McDonald Area of Glacier National Park, one that visitors cannot miss is McDonald Falls.

mcdonald falls waterfall in glacier national park montana

McDonald Falls

McDonald Falls is a beautiful roadside waterfall right alongside Going-to-the-Sun Road. Those who are looking for a hike won’t find it here. In fact, the best view of the falls is right from the road!

Nevertheless, tourists should remember to pull over and take in the views of McDonald Falls. You can find it on the east end of Lake McDonald nearby the John’s Lake Trailhead.

Hiking To The Waterfalls In Glacier National Park

If you want to see some of the most picturesque waterfalls in the country with stunning trails to get there, then plan a trip to Glacier National Park.

Not only will you get jaw-dropping mountain views, but abundant wildlife to go with it.

map of areas and sections within glacier national park including waterton lakes, north fork, goat haunt, belly river, lake mcdonald, many glacier, st mary, walton, and two medicine


How many waterfalls are in Glacier National Park?

There are over 200 waterfalls in Glacier National Park. However, some of them may be harder to access and not as well-known by visitors.

What is the biggest waterfall in Glacier National Park?

The biggest waterfall in Glacier National Park is Feather Plume Falls which drops an impressive 1500 feet from Grinnell Glacier.

Are there any waterfalls that don’t require hiking?

The more popular waterfalls such as McDonald Falls and the Weeping Wall can be accessed by car. Both are located right alongside Going-to-the-Sun Road which makes them easy to view.

Are there any restrictions when visiting the waterfalls in Glacier National Park?

Yes, visitors should stay on marked trails and never venture close to the edge of a waterfall or jump off cliffs for safety reasons. In addition, bear spray is recommended for these hikes since there have been reported sightings of grizzly bears in the area.

When is the best time to see waterfalls in Glacier National Park?

The best time to visit these waterfalls is during the late summer when the snow has melted and most of the trails are accessible. The warmer temperatures also make for a pleasant hike!

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