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Do You Need A Van You Can Stand Up In?

A common question when looking for a campervan is "do I need a van I can stand tall in?" The answer to this is going to depend on a number of factors including where you're taking your van, budget, if anything is going on the roof and more. Learn the most common methods of deciding on a van in this article.
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What Is The Best Van To Live In?

Find out the pros and cons of living in a cargo van, conversion van, Sprinter, Promaster, or Transit van. How much can you expect to pay for each one? How hard is it to do a DIY van build in these vehicles? Overview of VW buses, skoolies, and how to live in your own vehicle.
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Sitting On A Camper

Van Life Blog: Interview With Rock Meets Soil

This week we interviewed Jane from Rock Meets Soil. She has been living and traveling all over the US and Australia in over 15 different camper vans. She knows a thing or two about van life! Find out what it's been like living in a van, where to find places to sleep and the difference between van life in Australia!
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