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DIY Sprinter Van Conversion Ideas

Seeing example van to camper conversion ideas is a good way to research your future build. Whether you want to build out a DIY sprinter van yourself – or rent one for a quick road trip – these vans will have you drooling over a #vanlife adventure.

sprinter van conversion

Justin from built a Mercedes Sprinter RV with a purpose. The goal was to build a rock-climbing, wave surfing adventure vehicle to take anywhere.

We like this sprinter because it has tons of storage for climbing equipment and cool designs on the back.

mercedes sprinter conversion
mercedes sprinter van build


@Rosenesontheroad travel as a family of four so space is of the essence. This is one of the more unique layouts that we have found from a couple that built their own DIY sprinter van conversion.

The family keeps their propane tanks in aluminum boxes on the outside of the vehicle for maximum safety. They have gas supply lines that attach to the inside which power a hot water heater for a shower and a propane oven.

diy mercedes sprinter build

@sand.meets.summit built a simple and colorful layout into their Sprinter van. We like all of the storage and organization this design allows.

The couple was careful to build smooth surfaces that are easy to clean. They also added inexpensive diy stoppers to keep the drawers and cabinets from flying open during a drive.

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diy sprinter van build

@van.there had a home office in mind when they designed their Mercedes Sprinter RV conversion. They have a nice desk space that can pop up for work and fold away when not in use.

They also built their 12v ARB refrigerator onto a slider drawer so it can stay hidden away and pulled out when necessary.

diy sprinter van build

@Permanentroadtrip built the ultimate garage under the bed of his Sprinter. Heavy duty drawer sliders keep everything organized and allow him to pull out a mountain bike before hitting the trails.

Another cool feature is the pop-out shelf near the side doors for cooking food outside.

diy mercedes van conversion

@comeswithaview built a DIY Sprinter with a great organization. The telescoping table base underneath the bed lets you create benches or a full-sized mattress.

Designing a camper van sink next to the side doors also gives you a convenient way to fill and empty water tanks more easily.

diy sprinter conversion

@divineontheroad has a beautiful build with lots of storage and counters on both sides. The layout leaves plenty of space to move around and doesn’t go over the top with components.

We like this simple and clean approach for a van to camper conversion.

sprinter van conversion layout

@eh.mon and his wife Rebecca took full advantage of desk and countertop space in their DIY Sprinter van RV conversion. Because they both work on the road, a mobile office was a necessity. They turned their entire bed into a workbench combo which is a great design for digital nomads.

Mercedes RV Conversions

sprinter van conversion
mercedes van build

@nomadvanz |

NomadVanz is a van conversion and camper rental company based out of Vancouver, British Columbia. They make some of our favorite modern Sprinter designs.

We like that they incorporate so many bright colors and smooth surfaces to make their vans sleek and easy to clean. Nomadvanz outfits their vehicles with some of the best camper components and minimalistic designs.

sprinter van
@nomadvanz |

DIY Sprinter Van Conversions

Coming up with ideas to build a van to camper conversion can be a challenge because there’s so many different ways to design your layout. Sometimes looking at vehicle specific builds can help give you a better idea of what to make. We hope this article has helped get your creative gears turning.

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