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5 RV Camping Checklists For The First-Timer

  • By Kate Moore
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RV camping can be intimidating; especially for the first-timer! These printable checklists are the perfect thing to bring along on your first road trip. A check list will make it easier to pack up camp, keep your camper maintained, and ensure you have the proper tools.

Printable RV Camping Checklists

inspection checklist for a new or used rv motorhome

Inspection Checklist For Buying A New or Used RV

Choosing an RV is a big decision. Bring this complete checklist and a friend with you to the dealer. The printable list includes:

  • RV specifications and notes to take
  • Things to bring (pressure gage, flashlight, ect.)
  • Exterior inspection
  • Interior inspection
  • Hitch and tow supply inspection
  • RV systems (plumbing, propane, electric, generators)
camping with a travel trailer - rv maintenance checklist

RV Maintenance Checklist

Just like a car, RV campers need regular maintenance. This printable checklist lists the most important tasks to complete on a regular basis.

  • Before every trip
  • Monthly
  • Semi-annually
  • Annually
changing a flat tire on an rv camper - what to pack in an rv emergency toolbox

What To Pack In Your RV Emergency Tool Box

Every RV owner should have an emergency tool box to handle repairs on the road. This printable checklist covers the most important camping items including:

  • Maintenance items
  • Repair supplies
  • Emergency accessories
breaking camp and packing an RV after travel checklist

Printable RV Campsite Break Down Checklist

Once you’ve finished your RV camping trip it’s time to pack up! This printable checklist is perfect for breaking down camp.

  • Storing interior and exterior items
  • Getting water and propane tanks ready for travel
  • How to secure loose items
  • Maintenance tasks before you leave
printable checklist for Winterizing an RV for winter snow

How To Winterize an RV Camper

Everything you need to know about winterizing an RV camper. This printable checklist explains:

  • Cleaning and stabilizing your camper for long-term storage
  • 2 Ways to winterize the plumbing system
  • Maintaining the gas tank and generator
  • Best storage solutions for RV batteries

Bonus RV Gear and Accessory Lists

Must-have RV accessories and camper packing list

100+ RV Accessories To Add To Your Packing List

Before you head off on your RV road trip, make sure to pack all 100 items!

gift ideas for the RV owner

25+ Practical Gift Ideas For RV Owners

Know someone who just bought an RV or travel trail? These gift ideas are practical and convenient for anyone doing long-term travel.

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