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Printable RV Campsite Break Down Checklist

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After a long RV trip it’s easy to forget all of the steps for breaking camp. In order to preserve your RV in the best condition possible–and get home with all of your stuff you should always travel with a checklist!

In this article we’re going to cover some of the most important items to pack up when breaking camp. We’ll also provide a printable checklist so you can keep a copy for yourself.

printable rv campsite breakdown checklist for motorhomes, 5th wheel campers, and travel trailers
breaking camp and packing an RV after travel

Exterior Items

  • Close and secure all awnings
  • Secure chairs and other outdoor items, such as grills, bicycles, mats, and tables

Water Tanks

  • Disconnect and drain the fresh water hose
  • Store the fresh water hose
  • Drain water filters and store them securely
  • Disconnect and drain the utility water hose
  • Store the utility water hose
  • Empty and flush fresh water tank
  • Prepare fresh water tank for storage using bleach and water
  • Empty and flush black water tank at a designated area
  • Clean and prepare black water tank for storage using water and an enzyme-type product
  • Empty and flush gray water tank
  • Clean and prepare the gray water tank for storage after cleaning the black water tank
  • Disconnect the sewer hose and clean it
  • Store the sewer hose


  • Remove and stow the satellite dish or TV antenna
  • Remove and store portable solar unit
  • Disconnect phones and cable and store cords
  • Store the water pressure regulator
  • Shut off the propane
  • Turn the gas water heater off


  • Disconnect from the power supply
  • Store the power cord, surge protector, and adapters

Stabilizing Items

  • Put stabilizing jacks up and lock them
  • Remove the wheel chocks and stow them
  • Pull the rig off the leveling blocks and stow them

Trailer Hitch

  • Put the landing gear at the right pitching height
  • Hitch the trailer and weight distribution hitch
  • Connect the break-away switch cable
  • Plug in the umbilical cord for power
  • Raise the landing gear
  • Inspect the brakes
  • Check the trailer lights


  • Wipe down and remove debris from all slide-outs
  • Close slide-outs securely
  • Lock all exterior compartments
  • Stow the folding steps
  • Lock the trailer
  • Walk all around the RV checking for any loose or forgotten items

Internal Tasks and Items

Utilities and Appliances

  • Turn the water pump off
  • Turn the electric water heater off
  • Turn the pilot lights off
  • Turn the furnace or air conditioning unit off

Kitchen Area

  • Empty and turn off the refrigerator
  • Lock the refrigerator door
  • Close and lock or secure all cabinets and cupboards
  • Put loose items away in a secure location

Bathroom Area

  • Put shower items and supplies away securely
  • Secure the shower doors to prevent them from sliding during travel
  • Put loose sink items and any other loose bathroom items away

Windows and Vents

  • Close all vents
  • Shut all windows


  • Close all slides
  • Lock all slides


  • Empty all trash cans
  • Store trash cans in a secure place


  • Check all interior areas for any loose items and store them away
  • Turn off all lights
  • Turn off all fans
  • Lock the main entry door

RV Maintenance Before You Leave

  • Check lights to make sure all are working properly
  • Check the brakes for proper functioning
  • Inspect the tires for damage or wear and tear
  • Check the tire pressure
  • Check fluid and oil levels

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