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List of National Parks By Size

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When it comes to National Parks in America, size matters! From the massive 13-million-acre Wrangell–St. Elias National Park and Preserve in Alaska, to the tiny Gateway Arch in Missouri, National Parks come in all shapes and sizes.

Some parks can be explored within an afternoon, while others are so large it would take more than a lifetime to experience it all!

In this article we’ll give you a list of National Parks sorted by size and share some interesting facts about each one. So strap on your hiking boots and let’s explore!

List of National Parks ranked by size (Largest to Smallest)

RankNational ParkStateSize (acres)Size (sq miles)
1Wrangell-St. EliasAlaska13,175,79920,587
2Gates of the ArcticAlaska8,472,50613,238
5Lake ClarkAlaska4,030,0156,297
6Death ValleyCalifornia, Nevada3,372,4025,269
7Glacier BayAlaska3,223,3845,037
8YellowstoneWyoming, Montana2,221,7663,472
9Kobuk ValleyAlaska1,750,7162,735
11Grand CanyonArizona1,218,3751,904
14Big BendTexas801,1631,252
15Joshua TreeCalifornia795,1561,242
17Kenai FjordsAlaska669,9841,047
18Isle RoyaleMichigan571,520893
19Great Smoky MountainsTennessee522,427816
20North CascadesWashington504,781789
21Kings CanyonCalifornia461,901722
24Hawaii VolcanoesHawaii323,431505
25Grand TetonWyoming310,000485
26Rocky MountainColorado265,461415
27Channel IslandsCalifornia249,561390
28BadlandsSouth Dakota242,756379
29Capitol ReefUtah241,904377
30Mount RainierWashington236,381369
31Petrified ForestArizona221,391346
34Crater LakeOregon183,224286
36Great Sand DunesColorado149,028233
38White SandsNew Mexico145,762228
40Lassen VolcanicCalifornia106,452166
42Guadalupe MountainsTexas86,367135
43Great BasinNevada77,180121
45New River GorgeWest Virginia72,808114
46Theodore RooseveltNorth Dakota70,446110
47Dry TortugasFlorida64,701101
48Mammoth CaveKentucky52,83083
49Mesa VerdeColorado52,48582
51Carlsbad CavernsNew Mexico46,76673
52Bryce CanyonUtah35,83556
53Wind CaveSouth Dakota33,84753
55Cuyahoga ValleyOhio32,57251
56Black Canyon of the GunnisonColorado30,75048
57CongareeSouth Carolina26,69242
59Indiana DunesIndiana15,34924
60Virgin IslandsVirgin Islands US14,73723
61American SamoaAmerican Samoa8,25713
62Hot SpringsArkansas5,5509
63Gateway ArchMissouri910.14
view from Dante's Point indicating the large size of Death Valley National Park

What is the largest National Park in the lower 48?

The largest National Park outside of Alaska is Death Valley National Park, located in California and Nevada. It spans 3.4 million acres and has almost 1,000 miles of roads to travel. 93% of the park is designated wilderness area.

End-to-end, Death Valley is about 140 miles long and 15 miles wide.

What is the smallest National Park?

The smallest national park in the United States is Gateway Arch National Park in Missouri. This park only covers 91 acres of land, and most visitors only spend about one hour exploring the park.

Gateway Arch has no hiking trails and consists of a small museum, open field, and the arch itself. The tram ride to the top of the arch only takes about 4-minutes.

image of the smallest national park in america, gateway arch national park

What is the largest National Park in America?

Wrangell-St. Elias is the largest park and preserve combined which includes 13,175,799.07 acres total. Of that, the National Park itself covers 8,323,147.59 acres and the preserve covers 4,852,652.14 acres.

Biggest and smallest parks by state


  1. Wrangell-St. Elias: 13,175,799 acres (20,587 sq mi)
  2. Gates of the Arctic: 8,472,506 acres (13,238 sq mi)
  3. Denali: 6,045,153 acres (9,446 sq mi)
  4. Katmai: 4,093,077 acres (6,395 sq mi)
  5. Lake Clark: 4,030,015 acres (6,297 sq mi)
  6. Glacier Bay: 3,223,384 acres (5,037 sq mi)
  7. Kobuk Valley: 1,750,716 acres (2,735 sq mi)
  8. Kenai Fjords: 669,984 acres (1,047 sq mi)


Grand Canyon is the largest National Park in Arizona and Saguaro is the smallest.

  1. Grand Canyon: 1,218,375 acres (1,904 sq mi)
  2. Petrified Forest: 221,391 acres (346 sq mi)
  3. Saguaro: 91,327 acres (143 sq mi)


Death Valley is the largest National Park in California and Pinnacles is the smallest.

  1. Death Valley: 3,372,402 acres (5,269 sq mi)
  2. Joshua Tree: 795,156 acres (1,242 sq mi)
  3. Yosemite: 759,620 acres (1,187 sq mi)
  4. Kings Canyon: 461,901 acres (722 sq mi)
  5. Sequoia: 404,063 acres (631 sq mi)
  6. Channel Islands: 249,561 acres (390 sq mi)
  7. Redwood: 131,983 acres (206 sq mi)
  8. Lassen Volcanic: 106,452 acres (166 sq mi)
  9. Pinnacles: 26,606 acres (42 sq mi)


Rocky Mountain is the largest National Park in Colorado and Black Canyon of the Gunnison is the smallest.

  1. Rocky Mountain: 265,461 acres (415 sq mi)
  2. Great Sand Dunes: 149,028 acres (233 sq mi)
  3. Mesa Verde: 52,485 acres (82 sq mi)
  4. Black Canyon of the Gunnison: 30,750 acres (48 sq mi)


  1. Everglades: 1,508,537 acres (2,357 sq mi)
  2. Biscayne: 172,971 acres (270 sq mi)
  3. Dry Tortugas: 64,701 acres (101 sq mi)


  1. Hawai’i Volcanoes: 323,431 acres (505 sq mi)
  2. Haleakala: 33,265 acres (52 sq mi)


  1. Yellowstone: 2,221,766 acres (3,472 sq mi)
  2. Glacier: 1,012,837 acres (1,583 sq mi)


  1. Death Valley: 3,372,402 acres (5,269 sq mi)
  2. Great Basin: 77,180 acres (121 sq mi)

New Mexico

  1. White Sands: 145,762 acres (228 sq mi)
  2. Carlsbad Caverns: 46,766 acres (73 sq mi)

South Dakota

  1. Badlands: 242,756 acres (379 sq mi)
  2. Wind Cave: 33,847 acres (53 sq mi)


  1. Big Bend: 801,163 acres (1,252 sq mi)
  2. Guadalupe Mountains: 86,367 acres (135 sq mi)


Canyonlands is the largest National Park in Utah and Bryce Canyon is the smallest.

  1. Canyonlands: 337,598 acres (527 sq mi)
  2. Capitol Reef: 241,904 acres (377 sq mi)
  3. Zion: 146,597 acres (229 sq mi)
  4. Arches: 76,519 acres (119 sq mi)
  5. Bryce Canyon: 35,835 acres (56 sq mi)


  1. Olympic: 922,650 acres (1,442 sq mi)
  2. North Cascades: 504,781 acres (789 sq mi)
  3. Mount Rainier: 236,381 acres (369 sq mi)


  1. Yellowstone: 2,221,766 acres (3,472 sq mi)
  2. Grand Teton: 310,000 acres (485 sq mi)
Wrangell-St. Elias National Park in Alaska
Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve

Quick facts

Which National Parks can you visit in one day?

The smallest National Parks can easily be visited in one day. These include: Gateway Arch, Hot Springs, Indiana Dunes, Pinnacles, and Congaree.

What are the biggest national parks in the world?

Northeast Greenland National Park, Greenland
Namib Naukluft Park, Namibia
Wood Buffalo National Park, Canada
Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve, United States

How many square miles of National Parks are in the US?

The total square miles of national parks in the United States is 84.4 million acres, which roughly translates to 132,000 square miles.

That’s A Wrap!

We’ve stumbled our way through national parks big and small, so don’t forget to get out and explore one near you! Whether it’s a sunny day in Death Valley or an afternoon spent under the Gateway Arch, America’s National parks offer something for everyone.

Happy exploring!

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