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DIY Campervan Solar System – Complete Guide

You can use a campervan solar system to power a refrigerator, vent fan, cell phones, laptops and all sorts of other electronics. If you’re new to solar we recommend starting with sizing your electric system. Our solar system calculator will give you a good estimate of the solar panel, battery, inverter and charge controller size you need.

Our campervan solar wiring diagrams will help you figure out how everything is laid out. If you want to do a deep-dive into each of the electric system parts check out the links below.

If solar panels are too confusing and you don’t want to wire the van yourself, we recommend considering a solar generator. A solar generator is a powered box where you can plug in solar panels and electronics. This is a plug-n-play device. All of the equipment is included, it’s safe to use, and there is no wiring required!