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Electricity for VanLife: Step-by-Step Guide

Electricity can be one of the most complex topics when it comes to building out a van. This is because there are so many different ways to handle electricity and not all builds are going to be the same. In this section, we’ve attempted to break down electricity into manageable parts so you can follow the posts step-by-step to get your van powered up. If you are a beginner builder and know very little about electricity, we recommend reading these posts in order.

If you already know electricity well, feel free to skip around to our more advanced sections. The first few posts here are very basic and intended for a beginner level audience. We will not go into too many technical details to keep things as straightforward as possible.

Electricity Beginner Tutorials

2. How to collect electricity when living in a van

Car batteries, RV hookups, generators and solar panels! Find out the pros and cons of each.

3. Solar Panel & Charge Controller Basics

How many solar panels do you need? What type should you buy? What is a charge controller? All of your basic solar questions are answered here

4. Battery Basics

What are the different types of batteries? How do you connect batteries? How much energy can they store? We’ll break down batteries in an easy to understand guide!

5. How to wire electronics

Can you wire the van yourself? (yes!)
We will break down how to wire your solar panel system in this easy to understand guide

Electricity Advanced Tutorials

Coming Soon!

Advanced tutorials on battery selector switches, getting the most out of your solar, and more!

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